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Whoops, don’t buy before doing research

Should have done more digging before I bought it. I wanted something that integrates seamlessly with my mobile device so that I don’t need to have my macbook open on my desk in order to record a lecture. If anyone can suggest a compact workaround that will help this integrate with a mobile phone or a mic, I’d be very happy. Next top, Record Lectures Support, but I’m not holding my breath for an easy fix in the app unless they are actively working on something now. Great idea. Just needs work!

No instructions…. nothing

It seems like a good idea and probably is (V 3.0) but there are absolutely no instructions, no manual and I can’t get it to work. What to do? No support. No manual. No good. I’m an “old guy” altho I worked in IS/IT development for 37 years. I suspect my 13-year old grand daughter could probably show me what’s needed but she’s a 2,000 miles away. What a pain. There’s far too much of this in the development world … a lack of seeing it from the user’s perspective instead of the developers. I used to lecture my developers that the computer is there to HELP the user. So it doesn’t matter how difficult it is for the developer, they must think of it as “how can I help the user” …. period. This product needs help desperately. It’s the perfect example of “how not to do it” for classroom study. THERE IS a link on this page that reads: Record Lectures Support …. but it directs me to buying another app, nothing to do with Record Lectures. So even the App Store can’t get it right. Using their search for “Record Lectures Support” returns “no results”. Pathetic.

Macbook / Classroom / Record Button / Calendar Archive Of Recordings

No more notes and the recordings are labeled and calenderized. Lost notes are now organized recordings. No brainer!

Very plain, no minimizing feature probably could have gotten the .99 version

The best part of this program is the icon, its very plain and is basically just a calender with a recorder. I bet the .99 versions are just as good, I feel ripped off. I gave 2 stars as it does what it advertises just not worth the steep price, plain interface, no minimizing feature.

Needs 1 fixing

Can you please input a prompt when the person accidentally presses "cancel" or exits out instead of pressing "done" when they actually want it saved? Ive done it a couple times and just a click of a button, Ive lost several lectures. I would appreciate a prompt so I can save myself and my lecture recording from my carelessness. THank you!! love the app otherwise, definitely worth the money

After you record something

Record Lectures allows you to do something with the recordings. That is why I like the app ! Please make the green check mark to save a recording bigger or as a pop up. Great price.


I bought this thinking it would be really helpful, but it wasn’t. As it looked like I was recording, when i pressed play I didn’t hear anything.


Nice app, would be nice if they added the possibility to add a color code tu visually sort classes

Good, but needs improving...

Note taking part must be improved and made compatible with underlining, making bold texts etc. The difference between pausing or stopping is not clear. How can we even access the recorded lectures ? This should be also included in the application.

5 stars!!!!!

Amazing tool! If you have lots of stupid meetings everyday just like me, gratz, this app is so perfect for us!!

I have to say,that app is very useful!

I have to say if you have a lot of tiny things to do and have a very busy life, or just dont want to type in the computer, just use this app. it will be a great helper.

Gets the job done

The reason why I didnt give it a 5 star is bc you cant go back and continue recording from where you ended. Another small reason I wanted to go back and edit my Title subject but it doesnt let you edit your subject title. Over all it gets the job done.

Useful app

helps alot to all collage students

Excellent for class!

What I love about this app is that its easy to use (not a bunch of extra tabs or steps simply to record and stop) and the calendar design is excellent for organizing notes by date. Also the play back is excellent, I can barely hear my own keystrokes in an auditorium setting. Thank you for this app, it has saved me tons of $$ by not having to purchase a mini-recorder and is efficient because its an app on my MAC, so one less device to keep up with.

Outdated and waste of space

So the app has not been updated, so it always says I am in the fall semester (it is spring already) The app cannot be resized, so it takes up half my retina display The app if forced front of all windows so you cannot put it behind word. You have to minimize it or suffer with it on your screen You cannot rename titles after recorded. Cannot record additional to any previous recording. Unpolished with so much potential. Overall, I like to record discreetly but this is a sign to classmates that I am recording the lecture, so email that guy when I miss class.

accomplishes some goals but has major fundamental flaws.

The recordings cannot be separated from the app. So, once you record it on a macbook pro - you cant get it to any other device. Asked the development team for support - they are sporadically responsive. Second major issue is sizing and control of the screen (GUI). Its not very managable - resists sizing and minimizing.

Needs an update!!!

This app has been very useful to me but it is stil missing some key features I feel could be implemented to make the product better. I believe that it would be very useful to export the audio recordings and make it so you can put it into iTunes or your other iOS devices. The lack of this feature makes it very annoying because I have to open the app every time I want to listen to a lecture. It would be awesome if I could put the lectures on my iPhone and listen to the lecture while on the road to school every morning.

Great Usability

Really like the usefulness of this app. Bought it after it was recommended by a friend and am not let down by this app. Would Love to see an iOS version for iPhone/iPad.

Complained,complained and complained again!

I told the devs that I would bug them until they fix ….. 1) to be able to change the title that was stuck on "Fall Semester" > fixed added "Spring Semester" 2) to be able to email recordings > fixed emailed a hot chick a class she missed (brownie points) 3) to be able to stop the app from always being on top > fixed now I can take (written) notes as well while recording 4) make the notepad bigger > fixed now I can actually use their note pad and the notes are in the same place on the calendar as the recording. Sometimes persistency pays off. I have bugged these guys many times before so they know who I am. I use Record Lectures a lot (heavy course load/ very little sleep) Lazy mans tool to store information.

cant trust it

There are no instructions for use. Sometimes it records, sometimes it doesnt. Whole sections of lectures just didnt exist. I will not use this app again. I also can not figure out how to transfer the lectures to my phone so I can listen in the car. Dont bother with it. Im using Voice Memos on my iphone instead. Those files can easily be transferred to my Dropbox from my laptop.

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